Abstrakt - 'Surprise people with innovative tracks'​​​​​​​
1. How did you get into music?

When I was a little boy, my father and my big brother were already passionate musicians, which is why there was a drum kit in our basement. Curious as I was, I didn't hesitate for long and started banging away. At first it sounded more like noise than music. But it developed into a great passion, so I attended the Vinzentinum, a secondary school with a focus on music.

I first came into contact with electronic music when my parents bought me a Mac and I found Garageband on it. I immediately understood the principle and took a liking to producing my own tracks and dreamed of standing on a big stage one day and playing my own music.

When a good friend bought his own turntables and already had his first gigs, I didn't hesitate for long and joined him at his shows. Often I got the chance to play a few minutes before the club opened its doors and so I could convince the boss to book me as a DJ for some evenings. People liked my music and over time I kept getting requests from clubs and festivals all over South Tyrol.

2. How did you find your genre? How would you describe yourself as an artist?

In the 5 years before my first gig as Abstrakt, I was part of two other DJ duos and already had more than 100 gigs and the release of some electro house tracks behind me.

As it should be for a teenager, I was always on the road on weekends - both as a DJ and as a guest in discos, at parties and festivals. I noticed how I was getting increasingly bored with the same 50-100 songs I was playing, listening to and producing. This went so far that at some point I had to part ways with my DJ colleagues.

After a year off, discovering many up and coming artists and numerous hours of experimenting with new sounds and genres, Abstrakt was born. My goal from now on was to surprise people with new, innovative tracks that no other artist plays or produces. That's why I can't and don't want to assign myself to any exact genre.
3. How did you get through 2020, the lockdown year?

Corona has put me to a very hard test myself, but well rewarded for it.

At first I was "happy" to finally have time to work on new tracks, but at the same time had a lot of pressure. I quickly released 3 new tracks but was unhappy with the style of the productions. I said to myself things like "again such a 0815 track", "the track is again not good enough" or "now you finally have to tear something". In addition, my successes in the years before, stressed me so much to achieve something greater, so that I lost the joy of music.

Every now and then I slammed myself in front of the computer, but due to my self-criticism and lack of self-confidence I could hardly finish anything and closed the laptop again disappointingly. I knew that with an attitude like this, I wouldn't make it far in the music industry and had to take some time off to rethink my future, plans and approach.

Towards the end of the year, I finally understood where exactly I stood, what musical direction I wanted to take, and what I had been doing wrong the years before: I wanted too much at once and forgot that the journey is the destination. I had to learn to love the process, compare myself less to other artists, and just produce more tracks that I liked. I had wasted too much time trying to please people and forgot about myself and the reason I created Abstrakt: to surprise people with new, innovative tracks.
The joy of experimentation I had been missing for so long was back and with my two new tracks Before You Go and 1994, I took exactly the direction I want to go from now on.
4. the title of your new track is 1994. what's that about?

1994 is the year I was born. With the title I wanted to say something like "1994: This is what I'm made of; this is me; this is my music."
5. What is your process when it comes to creating the perfect sounds for your music?

I usually just make all the sounds out of the moment. Some people have a very thoughtful, scientific method of sound design, but I just do it by ear, creating and importing all kinds of sounds and seeing where it takes me.

6. What can we look forward to? What's coming up for you? Goals?

The only goal I have for this year is to release as much music as possible.

I have a special track for the summer that will be released on our label KARDO Records. I'm also working with 3 extremely talented artists at the moment and have a few more tracks that I'll be releasing this year.

7. how did KARDO Records come about? 

In 2019 I talked for the first time with Karim MC and Stefan from Subsurface about the idea of starting my own label. We decided without further ado to go through with it, clarified everything legal, divided the areas of responsibility and completed our team with Oliver Santoni (visuals, 3D), Jakob Puff (video), Julian Geiser (video), Philip Haselrieder aka Why Not (marketing) and Damian Chizzali (marketing).

With KARDO Records we wanted to support DJs and producers from South Tyrol and all over the world, so that their music gets heard out there and they get one step closer to their dream.

Until today we could record more than 3,5 million streams from all over the world.
8. last but not least: what are you looking forward to the most, once COVID is finally overcome?

To the smiles of my family, friends and industry colleagues without masks on their faces. Many colleagues in the music scene have been hit very hard and I'm looking forward to the day when everyone can work normally and carefree again.